AE offers an array of proprietary materials that either remove contaminants by filtration, adsorption, catalytic precipitation and sorption, and flocculant formation and destroys contaminants via Advanced Oxidation, or eliminate scale, corrosion, and biofouling. 

Each removal material removes a select category of water contaminants. These materials can be used independently or grouped into a system. These combined materials remove virtually all water contaminants including microorganisms, nitrates and nitrites, heavy metals, organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, radionuclides, fluoride, PFOAs and other “forever chemicals”, and microplastics.

The Advanced Oxidation materials are automatically dosed to the contaminated stream of water where they destroy pathogens and other contaminants. A select Advanced Oxidation material is dosed into each of the removal materials during backwashing thereby cleaning these materials and destroying removed contaminants such as PFOAs.

All our materials are highly proven, meet NSF 61 standards, are green, nontoxic, and won’t produce toxic byproducts. Their use requires little electrical power and maintenance, and their application is highly automated – resulting in lower labor costs.

Equipment capital costs are greatly reduced, when compared to traditional systems that use reverse osmosis, ozone generation and ultra-violet light. AE systems mostly consists of material holding vessels, pumps, and automation controls – our materials and green chemicals do all the work.  

AE systems will generally recover for use in the range of 98% of all waters treated.


We offer an array of materials; each will remove a select category of water contaminants that can be used independently or grouped into a System. All our materials are shipped and used in a dry form. A short overview of our most heavily used materials follows:

MSDS. All our materials have an MSDS document – a material safety data sheet, a document that lists information relating to occupational safety and health for the use.

ancillary treatment systems

Membrane (RO / Ultra & Nano) Pretreatment

Membrane (RO / Ultra & Nano) Post-Treatment