Water Treatment from A to Z

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Aquametrics Environmental is now a Master Distributor, in the U.S. and Canada offering the full line of WatchWater water conditioning products.

Our product line has been proven for effectiveness, efficiency, and safety throughout Europe and 45 other countries.

Catalytic Carbon MG

The product offers proprietary solutions not found in other catalytic carbon.


advanced oxidation process offers dealers a new, environmentally-friendly way to regenerate spent carbon.

Regeneration can be explained as combination of desorption and activation of adsorber with SuperOxy. Regeneration process can be carried out onsite, and using SuperOxy ANY activated carbon can be reactivated for multiple uses. SuperOxy has solved the problems of discarding spent adsorbents.

Environmental Advantages:

  1. No storage/disposal problems
  2. NO release of adsorbed pollutants
  3. NO nuisance or biological growth
  4. Life span of 5-7 years from an initial concentration of as low as 0.5 ppb in only 4 to 5 minutes


RedOxy-C3 converts pollutants to safe nutrients & oxygen.

The most advanced, effective, environmentally sustainable, and cost-efficient method for quickly recovering and maintaining ponds, lagoons, and lakes to their original state of cleanliness, beauty, and harmony with the environment.

Instant I-Soft

INSTANT I-SOFT is instrumental in protecting any water treatment system against scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling. 

The difference between our instant dosing technology and other products is 95% less water usage. With an addition of highly concentrated scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, oxygen scavengers (volatile and non-volatile), biocides (oxidizing and non-oxidizing) for any residential, industrial, or commercial application, INSTANT I-SOFT is proven to be the most environmentally-friendly and safe product available in water treatment industry.


Filtersorb® CT

A Combined Treatment of Cationic and Anionic Scale for Water Softening and Scale Prevention

The formation of heavy deposits of calcium and magnesium, silicate, and sulfate scale has become a major operational issue for domestic, industrial, and all commercial applications. The scale is of such low solubility that the occurred deposition cannot be cleaned. If not treated, this scale can rapidly lead to severely impaired productivity.

FILTERSORB CT is the best way to treat both anions and cations in hard water, which provides safe treatment of scale with 100 times more power. Works in a nucleation process, where the media absorbs cations from its surroundings, in the form of crystals, and releases CO2 in the form of gas by splitting the gas molecule, like in photosynthesis.

Calcium and Magnesium is absorbed from hard water on the surface and released in the form of CaCO crystals.