about us

We are Aquametrics Environmental, Inc. (AE) a Washington State Corporation managed by a team of successful business developers, managers, and water treatment experts with over 100 years of combined experience in water treatment. We have an in-depth knowledge of water chemistry and systems development.

AE is a Master Distributor of Watch Water® products in the U.S. and Canada. Watch Water® headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, is one of the worlds’ premier companies in manufacturing Scale PreventionAdsorbersFilter Media, chemically produced Advanced Oxidation and Instant Dosing Solutions for water and waste water treatment industries. Watch Water® is foremost a research, product development, and manufacturing company with 40+ years in the water treatment sector whose commitment is to environmentally sustainable products.


what we offer

AE offers environmentally sustainable, green chemicals, adsorbers, filters and advanced oxidation for the treatment of waters 1) before use, 2) during use (processing water) and 3) post use (wastewater). Utilizing AE materials in a System result in the following benefits:

Lower Capital Cost

The only equipment required are vessels (tanks) to hold the various materials, valves, small dosing pumps and operating controls.

Lower Operating Costs

Limited power is required, limited repair and maintenance, limited material replacement, and no toxic discharge.

Recovered Water for Reuse

Our technology will recover in the range of 98% of water treated.

Environmental Advantages

No toxic discharge to the environment.

Our materials/systems are applicable to all types of users including commercial, industrial, municipal, and agricultural.

How We Work

AE sells and distributes materials with a full level of design and installation support. We don’t sell vessels, pumps, or valves. Why? We know that locally sourced and reduced shipping distances generally results in the most favorable cost for the user. Soon, we expect to have regional material fulfillment centers to lower the cost of shipping and expedite system installations.